What's The DD8 High Like? Our Co-Founder Kylie Halperin Explains on The Green Rush Podcast

“The experience of Delta 8 is a clear-headed functioning high.” -- DD8 CO-FOUNDER KYLIE HALPERIN 

We were thrilled to listen to our co-founder Kylie Halperin talk about all things Delta-8 on The Green Rush, an industry podcast about the cannabis business.

In a series of conversations led by Anna Donohoe and Nick Opich, The Green Rush podcast features episodes with influential players in the cannabis and psychedelic industries. 

Born and raised in the Catskills, Kylie grew up with a strong affiliation for the healing power of nature and all things hemp. After a decade working as a marketing executive with major brands like PepsiCo, Dell and Revlon, she emerged in the hemp and cannabis industry to build our brand, with the mission to introduce the soothing and anxiety-free benefits of Delta-8 to a wider audience. 

Learn more about Kylie’s experience in the cannabis industry, the benefits of Delta-8, and her greatest inspirations by listening to the latest episode!

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September 23, 2021 by Dose of Chill LLC
Tags: industry