You love Dose of Chill, but feel bad throwing them in the trash when they're done? Fun fact, so do we. That's why we created this DOC Recycling Program

How it works: You get 10% off for every 2 DD8 empty disposable pens and/or cartridges you send us back to recycle. 

Step 1: Email with your details: 

  • Your first/last name
  • Email address (linked to your Dose of Chill account)
  • Number of used DD8 pens/cartridges to recycle

This will allow us to email you a free USPS prepaid return label. 

Step 2: Print your label. Package up your empty devices and post it in the mail. 

Step 3: Receive a 10% off code for your next order as a thank you for helping us do better to protect the planet.

  • Once we process your empties at our recycling facility, we'll send you an email to unlock savings. 

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 to keep recycling rewards going!


Participating Retailers: Details coming soon. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about participating retailers near you to recycle IRL.